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How can I order from Larabesko?

Why do I have to login / register to buy from Larabesko’s online catalog?

Our website is an addition to the personal service that you expect from us. We think it is important that you have got to know the products in our store, before you ‘reorder’ them in our online shop. We see this online sale as a useful tool to serve our loyal customers even more efficiently, but we want to avoid that you receive the wrong products / sizes. Each has a specific fitting and our global suppliers use different (correct or incorrect) size labels.

We are convinced that through our experience and carefully stored customer data, we can guide you in the right way.

Are you visiting our online stock without login details? That is possible, although you will only see a catalog (excluding prices) of our product range. Of course we hope this will arouse your interest for a visit!

How do I request a login code?

Are you already a customer? Then we use your existing customer data for this. Request your login code online.

Are you a new customer? Then we kindly invite you to our store where you can receive your personal login code for the online stock from us. We are happy to note your measurements!